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with bowen

J.W. - Shoulder Injury & Arthritis

I first went to see Sara for a shoulder injury, which I had sustained 2 years previous. I also suffer with osteoarthritis in most of my joints and back.

On my first visit Sara explained the principles of Bowen Therapy and what she would be doing. To begin with Sara took note of how I was feeling, my medical background my shoulder injury and how it affected me.

Sara explained that I could be treated through light clothing or in my underwear, she explained that I would be covered with towels other than the area she was working on – this put me at ease, I felt really comfortable. She assured me that the movements she was going to make would be gentle and not give me any discomfort. I must point out that I had had three injuries to my shoulder in as many months, I had attended physiotherapy appointments previously but it was still troublesome two years on. My shoulder was giving me constant pain at night, it felt like my shoulder bone was sticking out in to the mattress.

Sara used the Bowen Technique very methodically, I must say that the breaks in between the moves felt strange, as other treatments are constant, but it made me feel very relaxed – I could of fallen asleep.

As Sara worked on my shoulder, I experienced a strange feeling down my neck and shoulder, it felt like a release of some kind. As I got up off the couch I felt very supple for the first time in ages, the shoulder pain had gone and I could move my arm more freely!

I still have monthly treatments with Sara as Bowen has really helped my arthritis – my shoulder is better... I would recommend Sara and Bowen Therapy to anyone.

Kacie Hill Professional Groom & Talulah

I contacted Sara as my 17.1 mare was cold backed. I always had to have someone hold her whilst mounting and once mounted she would jump about and jog for the initial part of our ride.

It was really interesting watching Talulah have her treatment, she totally relaxed and you could see her processing. At points during her treatments she would carry out huge neck stretches, cat stretches and stretch her hind limbs behind her. It was quite miraculous after her first treatment, I had not manage to ride her for a few days and if she is not ridden, she can be tense and nervous - I mounted her without assistance, and walked forward without her jogging. She appeared very relaxed, not nervous at all!

Talulah has maintained all the positive responses since the first treatment. I have also noticed an improvement on her not leaning on the right rein, she feels even and is working in to the bit.

I am really pleased with the outcome of her Bowen Treatments and definitely would recommend Sara.

Suzie Dixon Business Owner & Lottie

Having undergone 2 back surgeries 4 years ago, I continue to suffer with back pain, along with nerve pain and associated discomforts. I have tried several different medications but all to no avail.

Through Bowen Sara has helped to relax my body which in turn has alleviated pain in my back, shoulders and legs. I instantly feel my shoulders relax and always have a great night, pain free sleep after my treatment.

Sara has remained a positive strength in my rehabilitation, she is both professional and understanding whilst providing a lovely surrounding for my Bowen treatments.

Sara has also treated my mare Lottie, with whom I compete regularly in BE. Through treatment Lottie has felt more flexible in her flatwork, along with enjoying a relaxing treatment in which she normally falls asleep! I am now able to go about day to day business for longer periods without pain and my riding position has greatly improved.

I would urge anyone to have Bowen with Sara as I am confident you (and your horse) will find great results too.

Ian Durman aged 48 - Shoulder Injury

Last year - after believing that I was still 25 years old - I lifted a large pot in our garden containing a small tree. I felt something give in my right shoulder and over the next few days I experienced a worsening pain in my shoulder and down my right arm.

Over the next couple of weeks the pain became virtually intolerable - I had trouble sleeping and was constantly fidgeting whilst sat to try and manoeuvre my arm into a position that was bearable.

I decided to book a treatment with Sara after my wife suggested Bowen - she had herself been treated successfully for joint pains. My mother-in-law was also a happy patient of Sara’s, again after being referred by my wife.

After 2-3 sessions the pain in my shoulder was noticeably reduced and within a month it had totally subsided - I had forgotten what it felt like to be pain-free and it was great to be able to sleep through the night without waking.

I can highly recommend Sara and The Bowen Technique - in fact a few months after my treatment I needed to see her again: I had managed to injure my other shoulder! And once again with Sara’s help I made a speedy recovery.

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