Human physical and health issues?

Bowen therapy may help!

A Bowen treatment generally last around 45 minutes to an hour. The moves are gentle but purposeful and can be carried out through light clothing if that is preferred (not jeans). Bowen can be carried out on a treatment table or seated if preferred. The whole body is treated which balances and resets the body, addressing the lower back, upper back and then the neck.

A Bowen session involves one or more procedures, each of which consists of several sets of moves. Between each set of moves, there is a pause of 2 minutes or more, which is time to enable the body respond to the moves.

A treatment consists of a series of rolling moves over acupressure points, there maybe pauses throughout the treatment to allow the body to respond.
Practitioners treat the body as a whole and can target specific problems, pinpointing stress build up in muscle groups and releasing it.

  • It may help many conditions, from sports injuries to long standing complaints
  • There is no vigorous manipulation, its gentle and stimulating
  • It may improve mobility
  • It enhances the circulatory system and assists lymphatic drainage
  • Substantial relief is often achieved after only one session
  • Many people experience emotional wellbeing as well as physical benefit

Do you suffer from...

  • Mobility problems?
  • Carpal tunnel/tennis and golfers elbow?
  • Back pain/Pelvic imbalance, hip pain?
  • Painful joints?
  • Sciatica?
  • Sports injuries?
  • Fatigue, stress, ME, MS?
  • Migraine?
  • Repetitive strain injury?
  • Respiratory problems?
  • Other physical or stress related health issues?

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