Equine Health and injury problems?

The Bowen Technique could help!

Equine Bowen Therapy is based on the same principles of the Human Bowen Therapy. It is a gentle non-invasive hands on technique working over muscles, releasing them and soft tissue, it supports and promotes healing, pain relief and works to reset and balance the whole body.

The benefits of Equine Bowen Therapy:

  • It works with the circulatory system, increasing blood circulation and so enhancing oxygen and nutrients around the horse’s body.
  • Assists the Lymphatic system, removing toxins and helping to reduce soft tissue swelling.
  • Relieves tension and eases stiffness
  • Increases muscle tone, flexibility and suppleness
  • Improves performance, increasing the range and efficiency of movement, stride length and elevation
  • Alleviates pain as Bowen activates an endorphin release
  • Reduces the onset of muscle fatigue, it may reduce the chance of tying up with regular treatments

Following a treatment, many horse owners and riders report that their horse feels freer, more balanced and relaxed in their back and shoulder, with more elevation in their stride and more power in their paces.

Conformation is a factor that can cause the horse to over time develop any form of dysfunction, but other factors can lead to back disorders for example or lameness. Here are a few typical incidents which may lead to injury:

  • Slipping on mud, tarmac or ice
  • Catching their hip on gate post or stable
  • Pulling back when tied up
  • Panic reactions
  • Getting cast in their stable
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Accidents in the horse box or trailer

These are just a few examples, the list is endless...

Does your horse suffer from any of the following?

  • Unlevelness, disunited gait or irregular action?
  • Muscle atrophy or uneven development?
  • Stiffness on one rein/disunited paces?
  • Cold or sore back?
  • Sluggish lymphatic system or weakened immune system?
  • Uncharacteristic change of behaviour/unexplained resistances?
  • Deterioration of performance?
  • Intermittent/unresolved lameness?
  • Restricted shoulder, shortened stride?
  • Injury – tendon or ligament, joint stiffness?
  • We would not normally treat a horse two days either side of being shod, having their teeth rasped, administering worming drugs or them having their routine vaccinations. The least interference to the horse gives the body a greater opportunity for positive changes to occur.

NB: We require Vets permission before we can treat a horse.

If you want to know more about The Bowen Technique or would like to book a treatment please call

07919 597 961

or email sara.soar@bowentechnique.me


As well as improving overall equine health and well being, The Bowen Technique can also help with the following issues:


• Lymphatic Blockages
• Sprains & Strains
• Wobbler Disease
• Kidney & Bladder Disfunction
• Nerve Injuries


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